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Save $125 Off An Event Apart in 2016

Source: Jeffrey Zeldman

Just in time for (some of) the holidays....

Get the biggest discount ever on, hands-down the best web conference in the world.

To help celebrate 10 years of An Event Apart, the crew at AEA is offering a $125 discount up until Dec 31 on all their 2 and 3 day events in 2016.

It’s the perfect gift from your boss to you. Or you to yourself.

Just use this code: AEADEC15 and boom, you’ll magically have $125 in your pocket. (Well, at least we think that’s how it works.)

As always, there’s a star powered lineup for each show. The speakers so far include:

With many, many more to come!

Here are the show cities and dates:

And when you arrive at the show, be sure to stop by our table.

Heck yeah, we’ll be there.

Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

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