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San Francisco: There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills


Welcome to our next stop on the Vitamin T office tour.

While we’re still awaiting the arrival of our Vitamin T Vitamin-Shaped Bus, we went “old school” and picked up the phone to speak to Denise Hall, one of the fab agents in our San Francisco office. (A phone call was likely for the best, since parallel parking a vitamin-shaped bus on one of those hills is probably beyond our skill level anyway.)

Bus or no, we were able to pick her brain about SF and the Bay Area. Read on for more reasons you might want to leave your heart (or find your dream job) in San Francisco.

Vitamin T: What do you love most about San Francisco and the Bay Area?

Denise: I love the diversity of people and neighborhoods. There’s always something new and fun to discover, even if you’ve lived here forever.

Vitamin T: Why is San Francisco a great city for interactive talent?

Denise: San Francisco is an amazing city to find interactive talent not only because we have a number of art universities in our backyard, but San Francisco residents always seem to be ahead of the creative curve. They love to learn the latest technology, just for fun!

Vitamin T: What advice would you have for talent moving to San Francisco?

Denise: Moving to San Francisco without a job? Connect with a Vitamin T agent  before you move, so we can get you working as soon as possible upon your arrival. Also, there are neighborhoods to fit everyone's lifestyle: Make the match with Vitamin T and the perfect neighborhood!

Vitamin T: Since networking is so important, what are some more great networking groups to connect with?

Denise: There’s a meetup group for every background. My favorite meetups and networking organizations include:

Vitamin T: What are some of the cool ad agencies in San Francisco?

Denise: There are lots of amazing ad agencies in the San Fran area, so it’s hard to choose. Here are a few that stand out:

  • AKQA specializes in interactive marketing for brands like Smirnoff, Volkswagen, and Nike.
  • Draftfcb is one of the world's largest communications agency networks.
  • Goodby, Silverstein & Partners works in creative digital, print, broadcast, and integrated media planning.
  • McCann World Group is made up of eight companies that form the world's leading marketing solutions network.
  • Organic focuses on building digital experiences for clients like Kimberly Clark and Estee Lauder.

Vitamin T: What's one factoid you can share about the city that newcomers wouldn't know?  

Denise: The Haight-Ashbury is not actually full of hippies. Also, on any given day you can find a farmer’s market with the best produce.

Want to learn more about living and working in the San Francisco/Bay Area? Connect with our San Fran office today. They’ll help you navigate this fantastic city!

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