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Our job is to make yours easier. So we created a brand new resources page where you can find everything you need to know about recruiting the biggest rock stars, keeping your team productive (and also smiling), and see what’s trending according to the industry’s top leaders. Plus, we’ll be updating it weekly. Here’s a quick peek at some of the content you’ll find.

Nitty-gritty research reports

We keep you current. From a global pandemic to worldwide protests against racial injustice, 2020 is unlike any year in modern history. Naturally, it impacts the workplace—from sky-high unemployment to people rethinking their careers to businesses rethinking how they operate. We talked to hundreds of marketing and creative leaders about the influx of digital customers and the roles critical to keeping them happy for our Cheat Code for Growth Report


We also wanted to talk money. Because, well, money talks. So we created our Salary Guide to help you understand current salary trends for today’s essential roles, plus help you target future spend. Get answers to questions like, “Am I paying my team competitively enough? What should I budget for this role? Does using remote talent change pay?” (You also have access to our Check Salary tool to instantly compare compensation by expertise, job title, or location with many cities reporting in real time.)

We go straight to the source to find out what matters most. For example, as a hiring manager, you need to know what’s on the minds of the people you’re hiring. So we talked to them for you. Nearly 4,000, in fact. And we learned what’s most important to them, from getting real-time performance feedback to the number one roadblock to workplace happiness. And, voilà, we have the Talent Ignition Report.


Free events with front row seats

Right now, millions of us are working from home. (And Forbes has five reasons why we’re never going back to the office.) Yet that shouldn’t keep you from hearing from the best creative, marketing, and development thinkers. Our virtual events connect you to the industry and beyond—and you can show up whenever it’s convenient. Learn about the future of CX and UX from leaders at Capital One, Ticketmaster, the NFL, and Service Ease, in our latest Put it to the Panel event. Have Ethan Marcotte take you through the last decade of responsive design and the future of accessibility. Explore how to use UX design strategies to quickly help your business recover from setbacks from CX/UX Design Leader Katja Forbes. And, fresh content will keep cropping up.


Roles for rock stars

Access 30 detailed job descriptions to key design and marketing positions, including UX designers, copywriters, front end developers, and digital marketing managers, to help you better understand what each role does and how they interact with each other. (And once you’re ready for the interview process, don’t miss our 7 tips for video hiring.)

Free training for a career boost

Aquent Gymnasium is where to go to bulk up your and your team’s brainpower. These free online courses cover career skills like coding, UX, 3D modeling, prototyping, information design, writing, web design, and development. Plus, general business and life skills like managing your time, crafting your story, self-promotion, and career pivoting. It’s a great way to get on-demand learning from some of the top people in the industry. 

Helpful, timely thoughts on just about everything

We hope this one is obvious since you’re reading the blog right now. This page will always list our newest, most relevant content. We cover all angles—job searching, hiring, interviewing, creativity, industry trends, and world events that might impact you. 

As you can tell, our resources page is pretty resourceful. Keep the page bookmarked and visit anytime you need a little extra edge to get your job done. And, as always, let us know if there is something else you’d love to see featured!

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