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Remote Work Wasn’t Invented by COVID

"The U.S. can be one big market instead of 100 little labor markets." 

– John Chuang, Aquent/Vitamin T CEO

Aquent and Vitamin T employ 10,000 people in many different and highly-skilled fields, and at companies worldwide. But they never have to leave their homes, let alone travel to a different city, state, or country. John H. Chuang, the founder and CEO of Aquent/Vitamin T, has always known that remote work opens up opportunities. He gave the example of three employees placed at a major employer in Cleveland, Ohio: “one person from Michigan, one from Illinois, and one from Raleigh,” he said. “Here is an employer who doesn’t traditionally hire outside the area” but through Aquent/Vitamin T created a high-performing team regardless of geography.

This story originally broadcast on CBS17.

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