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Remote Work Is Here to Stay

“There’s a lot of momentum to keep up work-from-home.”

– John Chuang, Aquent/Vitamin T CEO

COVID19 sent everyone home to work and apparently we like it. John Chuang, CEO of workforce service firm Aquent, explains that employees enjoy the work-life balance and lack of a commute, companies save money on office space and travel, and productivity is steady. “What you’ve seen in the last six months,” Chuang says, “is a generation of change compacted in a short period.” He cites tech giants like Facebook and Google going 100% remote, as well non-tech companies and small and medium sized business growing remote workforces exponentially. Chuang also says the pandemic has ushered in another change: it shines a bright light on independent workers without health insurance, sick pay, and other benefits. Watch the whole interview..

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