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Progressive Hire: That’s Amore Like It


In the movies, love happens in less than ninety minutes. Remember Disney’s Lady and the Tramp? All it took was a spaghetti dinner and Dean Martin singing “That’s Amore” to make the perfect match. Reality, however, rarely plays out like the movies.

In fact, when it comes to business, taking longer to “fall in love” can actually lead to healthier relationships.

According to a study published in Business Know How, a more cautious approach to hiring can pay dividends for employers. The study found that temporary workers actually performed better toward their goals than full-time employees. The study’s author concluded, “For those temps later hired as full-time employees, they continued to become better workers after becoming permanent.”

When it comes to staffing, of course, Vitamin T has plenty of know-how, which is how we came up with our Progressive Hire service. (We used to call this Talent Bridge, but changed it, because being hired sounds way better than walking off a bridge.)

If you’re looking for that “click” without the upfront commitment, here are three really good reasons to try Progressive Hire:

No Buyer’s Remorse

Hiring a full-time employee is a big investment in time and emotion, so you want to make sure your new hire will be as good a fit as you hope. In a tight labor market where unemployment is down and opportunities are on the rise, employers commit considerable cost and effort in their recruiting and retention efforts. How much cost and effort? Forty-one percent of companies estimate that a single “bad” hire costs them more than $25,000. For some companies, the price can rise over $50,000 after the costs of recruiting, lost business, training, and possible legal action are considered.

Low Risk with High Reward

With Progressive Hire, you can bring on a thoroughly vetted temporary employee for up to three months before converting them into a permanent employee. That’s the ideal amount of time to get to know whether you’re both right for each other. And during that time, Vitamin T’s proprietary process keeps us engaged with hiring managers to ensure a successful outcome through planning and monthly checkpoints.

It Benefits Talent, Too!

During the Progressive Hire period, employees still enjoy all the full-time perks that Vitamin T is famous for, including fully subsidized health/dental/vision benefits, a 401(k) plan, weekly direct deposit, and free online training through The Gymnasium.

Vitamin T’s Business Development Manager, Tiffani Farrington, captures it best:

Culture fit is so important in determining the success of a new hire! Progressive Hire gives managers the opportunity to work with talent in a “working interview” capacity. The talent gets an opportunity to show up and put their skills and work ethic into action, while employers get a “try before you buy” period to evaluate long-term fit before dealing with headcount and unemployment. Our clients love this, especially in the creative space, where deliverables are unique to the talent.

In business, there is no magic spaghetti dinner. But that still doesn’t stop some staffing firms from employing the spaghetti method: throwing tons of resumes at you and hoping one sticks. If you want a staffing partner that’s really committed to what’s best for you and your future employees, talk to Vitamin T about our Progressive Hire program.

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