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PHILADELPHIA: Declare Your Digital Independence!

Source: Jasen Miller

Here’s a city famous for so much: Benjamin Franklin. The Declaration of Independence. The Liberty Bell. Independence Hall. Cheesesteak. Pretzels. Italian Water Ice. Hoagies. Pizza. Soda Pop.

Whoa, kind of carried away with food, there.

Not a surprise, as Philadelphians are very serious about their food. Just ask any group of people where to get the best cheesesteak and stand back for the ensuing discussion.

But do the good people of this Philly take interactive as seriously?

We asked Vitamin T agent Brian Milewski all about his town and what makes it hot spot for interactive.

It’s the next stop on our Vitamin T Global Office Tour!

Vitamin T: What do you love most about your city?

Brian: Just a few weeks ago, the answer might have been the Phillies. Sigh. Let's move on.  

Philly is great for a ton of reasons...the people, food, history, etc. But one thing that I love is the location. Not only is it easy to get around, but you're a hour from the beach and right at the midway point between NYC and DC. There's always something to do around here, but if you're up for a spur of the moment road trip, Philly's location can't be beat!

Vitamin T: Why is it a great place for interactive talent?

Brian: For the past ten years, it seems as if a new agency pops up every month. I think one of the reasons is the incredible number of colleges/schools in the area. Schools like the Moore College and the Art Institute are considered some of the finest on the East Coast for creative people. As a result, the pool of interactive talent in this area is that much deeper.

Vitamin T: What advice would you have for talent moving to your city?

Brian: Don't be afraid to live outside the city! There are lot of agencies cropping up in in any number of locations. Also places like Manayunk, Conshohocken, and the Main Line area are only a short train ride in and out of Center City. 

Vitamin T: What are some great networking orgs to connect with?

Brian: Some of the best ones are:

Vitamin T: What are some of the hottest agencies in your city?


  • Pointroll - one of the industry leaders for rich media
  • Digitas - the Healthcare division's HQ is in Center City
  • Happy Cog - AEA founder Jeffrey Zeldman’s super cool agency!
  • Brownstein Group and Red Tettemer are two really hip agencies in the area
  • Empathy Lab - a great digital agency
  • Blue Diesel - a full service agency for healthcare and pharma clients
  • Dudnyk - this healthcare agency is one of the fastest growing private companies in the US

Vitamin T: What odd factoids can you share about the city that newcomers wouldn't know?

Brian: Don't be surprised when during the summer months it might seem like half the city has cleared out. In the Philly area, a lot of people head "down the shore." Which pretty much means driving to a beach town on Thursday or Friday and returning Monday morning for work. My advice would be to either embrace the lighter crowds or join in on the trek to the beach. You can't go wrong with either!

Looking to learn more about living and working in Philly? Connect with our Philadelphia office to get the local scoop!

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