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Peek into the World of a UX Freelancer

Recently at Glug, a really great series of London design and creative events, we got to sit down with UX Designer Rhodes to get the lowdown of the life of a freelance UXer.

While we were chatting he also gave us his great tips on keeping on the forefront of UX trends:

1. Experiment
“Make things, make stupid stuff, make anything. Play around with the material and experiment. You could get the best ideas, just from playing about with code.”

2. Research
“Do a lot of reading online or in magazines. Make sure you know what other people are doing or what is going on in the industry.”

3. Talk to people
“Go to MeetUps and talk to like-minded people. Talk about your good ideas and your bad ones. It doesn’t matter what the idea is, but talking about it with others often helps expand your thinking.”

4. Experience!
“Get as much experience as you can. It is one of the most important elements in this industry. “

If you want to hear more, say how Rhodes got into UX, his current projects and his thoughts on UX trends to look out for (including wearables and a decrease in flat graphics), then check out his full interview!

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