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Our Rewards Program Gets a Nip and Tuck


Well, we did it!

Based on great feedback from our awesome talent and internal staff (and a lot of work with our marketing team), we are very proud to announce our new Talent Rewards Program!

If you’ve worked with Aquent/Vitamin T over the past 2 years, you’ll will recognize this as an overhaul of our awesome Aquent Rewards program - which paid out $250,000 to the awesome talent we mentioned above who referred great people and jobs to us!

Bottom line, it actually works. And this version of the program is even more powerful than the last!

For one, it’s even simpler.

How it works:
  • You refer a job to us. When we fill it you get $300.
  • You refer a talented friend to us. When they start a gig through us, you get $100.
And with the new program you now earn a point for each hour your referral works for up to six months (no more points to accrue or calculate!). Cash payouts of $200 for every 200 points accumulated. Now that’s a Rewards program that keeps on giving!

Even better, the payouts are now automatic, so you don’t have to log in and check your points. Your cash rewards are automatically deposited into your account (or a check cut and mailed to you, depending on how you’ve worked with us before).

Why have a rewards program, you ask?

Everyone at Vitamin T and Aquent loves to find people work, it’s why we’re all here.

A few years ago someone here discovered that nearly ALL of their best talent came from referrals. When we ran the numbers, it was true. Think about it, when you want to get a restaurant recommendation, you go to one of your friends who has tastes just like you, right? It’s the same here. Good people recommend good people. (Blind dates not withstanding.)

You really want to participate?!

Good news. The Talent Rewards program is open to everyone with a MyAquent account. You don’t have to be working through us to participate, BUT you will need to connect with an agent if you’re not already signed up with us so you can get a login to our system. Which means, yes, you can do this from your couch.

Know some great Front-End Developers, Copywriters or UX folks? Guess what, we have lots of jobs for them (and you’ll get $100 when each one starts working through us)! Oh, and they’ll thank you for it, too!

Just heard about a creative job opening at that cool agency down the street? Send your referral our way, and when we fill the job you get $300 - plus one point per hour for up to a six months. Cash payouts of $200 for every 200 points accumulated.

Check out all the details at our Talent Rewards page, then go over to your MyAquent account or connect with an agent to get started with your referrals.

Tell them the folks at Vitabites sent you!

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