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Welcome 2021 with our Talent Calendar Downloads!


Everybody’s got eyes on 2021—for a myriad of extremely obvious reasons—and it’s perfect timing because our brand-new 2021 Talent Calendar is here, and you won’t be able to stop looking at it. 

We had the near-impossible job of whittling down hundreds of pieces of artwork submitted by our Aquent/Vitamin T talent to just 12 gorgeous designs to pair with each month of the year. January’s artwork is now available to download, and you will never guess what it’s called. Eyes! We call it fate.

The calendar is one of our favorite endeavors every year. Here’s a little context on the 2021 edition and why we’re especially excited about it.


Artists from Around the World

We received entries from Australia, France, Japan, the Netherlands, the U.K., U.S., and Canada. January’s artist, Loni Thompson, is a Sydney-based illustrator, artist, and graphic designer who works in a combination of traditional and contemporary mediums. She says, “I aim to create a connection to the natural world through a sense of curiosity and wonder.” Mission accomplished.

Infinite Inspiration

Our calendar is eagerly anticipated every year, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Because in addition to the 12 designs in the calendar itself, you can peep all the amazing entries from our accomplished talent anytime. These designs are like a permanent inspiration collection and include all submissions from the past several years.

We know that creativity can lead to success. Adobe’s State of Create study found that 59% of people would be loyal to a brand with good design, and creative companies are more likely to have satisfied customers (80%). Yet interestingly, while 70% say being creative makes them better workers, only 31% feel they are reaching their creative potential. (Now might also be a good time to let your favorite Creative Director read about 7 powerful ways to connect creatives to a bigger purpose.) We want those creative juices overflowing.


Mojito Madness by Monica Edwards 

Really Trick Out Your Laptop and Phone

Ok, so what are you going to do with this calendar art? Obviously, your desktop background or phone home screen are always good options for wallpaper. But feel free to think outside the, well, walls. In WhatsApp, you can now set a separate wallpaper for each chat. If you have an Android, you can even set it to change the wallpaper based on time of day. And don’t fret, iPhone-havers, you can set your wallpaper to change from light to dark mode with the iPhone 12. You can also set it as your LinkedIn background banner.


春霞 -Harukasumi- by Yasuka Fukuoka

True Social Butterflies

You’ll see our calendar winners popping up in other places, too—in posts on Twitter and Instagram, in our monthly newsletters, and as new backgrounds each month on our social home pages (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook). It’s our way to showcase some of the incredible talent right under our virtual roof to people who might not otherwise see it. And right now, in the middle of a global pandemic, art is even more significant. 

As Louis Netter, a senior lecturer in illustration at the University of Portsmouth, puts it: ”Art connects us to the foreign, the exotic, and the impossible—but in our current context, it also connects us to a world where anything is possible. A world out of our grasp for now.”

It’s fitting, then, new year, new hopes, new opportunities. Our 2021 Talent Calendar represents all of these things to us, and we hope it reflects a better, brighter, healthier twelve months to come. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed, to those who enjoy it, and to the ones who share it so others can be inspired too. Happy New Year, everybody!

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