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Our 2021 Talent Calendar Needs Something. You.

Call for submissions text with an image of a flower

We don’t call you ‘talent’ for nothing. And now is your chance to show the world what we’ve seen all along. Mad skills. 

Send us your best artwork for a chance to be a part of our 2021 Talent Calendar. We’re talking desktop backgrounds, social, newsletters, and emails to over 120,000 people. If they don’t know you yet, they definitely will. (We think the calendar provides a broader platform to showcase an artist’s work, opening doors to more opportunities and gigs.)

The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2020. That’s right, Halloween! Don’t ghost us. Submit your treats today. We then have the tricky job of selecting our 12 favorites to be featured. Here are five reasons you definitely need to participate.

1. Self-promotion is a skill

You saw the part about how this can reach more than one hundred and twenty thousand eyeballs, right? It’s your chance to get your name out there. Really out there. Tooting your own horn can be tough. You have to strike a balance between self-promotion and self-aggrandizing. If your piece is selected, we take care of a lot of the exposure for you. All you have to do is add a little nugget like “Aquent / Vitamin T 2021 Talent Calendar winner” to your résumé and blow up your own social channels with your gorgeous work.


"Grove" by Sarah Yager 

2. Diamonds have many sides

At the moment, people might not think of you as an artist. Or maybe they think of you as a graphic artist, but not somebody who actually makes art. Or maybe you’re a writer with a penchant for photography, or a marketing exec that can wow with watercolors. Doesn’t matter. Jackson Pollock was a janitor by day and a paint dropper by night, and Google and Twitter started off as experiments. The point is that being multifaceted and having a side hustle makes you more interesting—and potentially more successful. 

3. A story doesn’t need words

The 2021 Talent Calendar is also a big opportunity to tell a story. We’re going to continue to feature works created by and celebrating people of color, diversity, and inclusion on all our social media channels.  

You can let us know if you’d like to be part of the celebration by telling us on your Submit Artwork form

Use next year’s calendar as a way to express something that’s important to you. It could be societal, like what you think our nation looks like at the moment, or personal, like your infatuation with your rescue golden retriever, or anything along that spectrum. Make us feel something.


"While You Were Sleeping" by Keith Slover

4. Talent loves company

The contest is also an easy way to check out some of your fellow amazing artists working under the same virtual roof in our 2021 gallery. Last year, we had over 500 submissions from around the globe and we adored poring over them while trying to pick our favorites. While only a handful make it into the calendar, you can always visit the site anytime you need inspiration—we’ll house all of the entries there until next year. (And if you’re looking for other ways to get the creative juices flowing, check out these tips from our offices around the world.

5. Work, work, work, work, work

Apologies that you now have Rihanna stuck in your head, but this is a big one. Our 2021 calendar will be seen by clients everywhere from Toronto to Tokyo. That means hiring managers around the world will see what you’ve got to offer. Maybe they are looking for illustrations to complement new branding. Or they need authentic photography for their site. Perhaps they want a really cool mural for the company HQ. You might find more work or different work than you normally get. Making the most of these random connections is key because as creatives we know that marrying art and money can be a rocky proposal.


"Boat and Gulls" by Maria Pazos

Your head is probably spinning with thoughts of which glorious piece to submit. The good news is that you can submit up to three of your favorite pieces. 

Just remember to do it by October 31 and get the details on the specs here. We can’t wait to see your work! 

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