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Orlando: It’s a Digital World After All

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Smack dab in the middle of the state, Orlando is a city synonymous with the term “Florida Vacation,” probably due to its close proximity to all things Disney.

But there’s more to this city than Mickey and friends. Downtown Orlando boasts great entertainment and sports venues, museums, and restaurants and is just steps away from peaceful suburban neighborhoods full of Southern charm (read: brick-paved streets and live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss).

Sound like the perfect mix for an interactive on the move? We found out that’s a big yes from our very own Jennifer Quinn.

So hop off the tram for the next stop on our Vitamin T Global Office Tour: Orlando!

Vitamin T: What do you love most about Orlando?

Jennifer: There are almost too many reasons to list! I’d say both the weather and amount of sunshine we get here hold the number one spot. Of course, thanks to the sunshine, excitement and options abound here - there’s always something to do, great places to eat, and interesting people to talk with. And of course, there’s the theme parks! We have something for everyone: entertainment, arts and culture, recreation, nightlife, sports. From rodeo and celebrity concerts to ethnic festivals and art shows, Orlando hosts more than 450 year-round events to please every taste.

We’re a short drive to everything: the beaches (east or west coast, take your pick!), national parks such as Ocala National Forest and Canaveral National Seashore, and other fun cities. Miami and the Keys are a bit further away, but well worth the drive and a great long weekend!

Orlando is known as “The City Beautiful” and when you see it, you’ll agree. We’ve got palm trees, live oaks covered in Spanish moss, lots of lakes, and wonderful sunsets. Even better, it seems like everyone here pitches in to make sure we keep our city beautiful; we don’t have the the trash and graffiti you find in many other large cities.

Vitamin T: Why is Orlando a great place for interactive talent?

Jennifer: Demand is strong here for interactive skills like web design and development, and app development and for traditional print skills as well. The pay here is very competitive with other markets.

The most recent positions we’ve been filling have been for front end developers, web production artists, Flash developers, mobile app developers (iOS 5), and graphic designers. Other positions we’re seeing include social media specialists, copywriters, creative directors, and traffic. Many of the mid- to smaller-sized agencies here look to us for talent coming out of college with hot in-demand skills. Something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about moving here!

Vitamin T: What advice would you have for talent moving to Orlando?

Jennifer: The local creative community is very active, so get out and network! Everyone here tries to lead a good work/life balance, so it’s easy to meet other creatives while you’re out enjoying the city.

Vitamin T: What are some great networking organizations to connect with in Orlando?


Vitamin T: Who are some of the hottest ad agencies in the city?

Jennifer: A variety of agencies and studios ranging from traditional full service to boutique such as Anson-Stoner, Ypartnership (now merged with MMG Worldwide), Fry Hammond Barr, PUSH, Say It Loud!, Evok, Engage, Evolve, Acropolis, Beloved, Purple Rock Scissors, and so many more! Orlando has healthy agency business and many large companies headquartered in the surrounding area, such as Disney.

Vitamin T: What are some odd factoids you can share about the city that newcomers wouldn’t know?

  • Though the official nickname of the city ”The City Beautiful,” we also call it “O-Town.”
  • The names of some of the approach procedures that all aircraft follow into their arrival at Orlando International Airport are named CWRLD ONE, COSTR ONE, PIGLT ONE, MINEE TWO and GOOFY FIVE. Just ask any pilot who flies into here!
  • Orlando has the second largest number of hotel rooms in the country, right after Las Vegas.

Looking to learn more about living and working in Orlando? Connect with our local offices to get the local scoop!

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