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Organizing Team Interviews? You Need this Tool!


If you have more than one person involved in your company’s interview process, you’ve probably experienced one of the following Team Interview Side Effects:

  • Confusion
  • Dissention
  • Colliding opinions
  • Increased thirst

Okay, we just threw in that last one, but seriously, every interviewer brings with them biases that invariably impact their decision-making. Which is why it’s so important to get all interviewers on the same page for your next hire.

That’s why we highly recommend using our Team Interview Worksheet to loop everyone involved in your interview process. You can create an awesome experience for candidates—even the ones you don’t hire—and ensure follow-up discussions with your team are productive and focused.

Download your very own copy now. No prescription needed!


Check out the benefits of using our tool:

  • Clearly define why the role is critical to your team and company
  • Outline what your new hire is expected to accomplish
  • Define specific focus for each interviewer
  • Highlight strengths of a candidate and specific areas to investigate
  • Provide selling points of your company and the role to candidates
  • Share interview timelines and locations across the group

It’s like a Magic Pill*!

* Individual results may vary.

(Our lawyers made us say that.)

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