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Not Getting Interviews? Try These 5 Game-Changing Tips


Even though hiring managers these days are complaining about a talent shortage doesn’t mean that every person sending out a resume is being called in for an interview.

Though it would be nice, it’s just not true.

Whether you’ve just filled out your 10th or 110th online job application, if you’re not getting the interviews you deserve, check out these great interview tips from

Build a Social Media Presence

Whatever your age or tenure, you need to have an social media presence. And not just a LinkedIn profile (that’s a must have, by the way). According to a Careerbuilder survey, 35% of employers surveyed were less likely to interview applicants if they couldn’t find them online. The good news? One third of the employers indicated that what they saw online actually caused them to hire one candidate over another.

Set Your Sights Lower

You need to be realistic when applying for jobs. You may have a goal to submit A Resume a Day or even Ten Resumes a Day, but are you really qualified for all those positions? Take a half hour to revisit the jobs you’ve applied for in the last 3 weeks and see if you’re aiming too high. If so, reorient your job search and start again. (For a good side read, check out this CNN interview with Oprah on setting her sights lower.)

Be More Selective

Let’s not forget Point #2. If you’re abiding by the Ten Resumes a Day rule, you’re most likely wasting your efforts and emotional resources by submitting applications for the wrong jobs. Instead of using the “shotgun effect” to find your next position, use your time to focus your efforts on the jobs you want as well as the ones you’re qualified for. Use the time to build up your social media presence!

Tailor Each of Your Applications

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: match your resume to the job description. As writes, “Identify the three or four qualities that make you a great fit and then emphasize them in your resume.” This way you’ll be aligning yourself to what the hiring manager is looking for, which puts you higher in the running for an interview. If you’re struggling to match yourself to the position described, it’s most likely not the position for you.

Get a Recommendation

For our blog posts we regularly ask our agents and recruiters, “What’s the BEST thing to do when looking for a job?” The number one answer hands down? Networking. Our Atlanta area manager Marti Mumford puts it this way, “A personal connection is going to get you 100x further than the internet ever will.” If you’re shy, start by reaching out to friends and family. Tell them what you do and what you’re looking for. This will help you both get the word out and ease you into talking to people about your job search.

Need more info? Read the whole article as well as our career advice articles. We have lots!

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