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New Study: 75% of Digital PM Jobs Require Industry Technical Skills


The folks over at Software Advice, an online project management technology consultancy, were nice enough to share their recent report on positions in the digital project management field. They analyzed over 200 job listings to learn what employers seek most in Digital Project Manager candidates.

Their conclusion: “While a higher education degree (particularly in marketing or business) will strengthen an applicant’s chances of landing a DPM role, our analysis suggests that several years' professional experience, particularly that which is industry-relevant, is a greater qualifier for this position...The most competitive candidates will have backgrounds that incorporate business, technology, communications and design.”

After you’re done reading, see how you do at our interactive Project Manager Mania game. You’ll need far fewer technical skills, we promise!


Level of Education Required

dpm 1

Top-Requested Degrees by Field of Study

dpm 2

Minimum Required Years of Experience

dpm 3

Industries Most Likely to Prefer Industry-Specific Experience

dpm 4

Technology Skills Preferred

dpm 5

Listings Preferring or Requiring PM Certification

dpm +6

Top PM Certifications for DPMs

dpm 7

Number of Job Listings by State

dpm 8


Job Listings by Industry

dpm 9

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