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Most popular names for front end developers


Can the name your parents chose for you influence your life? Take, for instance, the curious case of Robert Lane, a father who decided it’d be a nifty idea to name one of his sons Winner. Then, several years later, name another son Loser.

Do you think such, er, peculiar names might impact the rest of their lives?

In this particular story, taken from the book Freakanomics, the answer is no. Loser Lane went to prep school on a scholarship, graduated from Lafayette College, and went on to become a sergeant in the NYPD. Winner, on the other hand, has been arrested more than 30 times for everything from burglary to domestic violence.

(By the way, everyone calls Sgt. Loser Lane plain old Lou.)

But it got us wondering after we took a look into our huge database for front end developers, why we kept seeing the same five names time and again:

  • Michael
  • David
  • Jonathan
  • Andrew
  • Matthew

Are these just common names? Or is there a chance that if your parents name you Michael or David (or Michael David) that you’ll end up knee deep in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript?

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