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More Free Online Classes for Creatives and Developers


In case you haven’t been looped, Aquent Gymnasium has launched a new, incredibly robust site for its 56,000+ registered users. (If you haven’t yet registered, it’s free!)

The new platform, built in Open edX, gives students a more seamless learning experience and enables our team to build out new courses much faster.

Speaking of which, there are two brand new Gym Shorts available, each of which can be completed in under an hour. That means you can finish your lunch much smarter than when you started. Not bad!

  • Introduction to Git and GitHub: Learn the basics of version control and get a high-level overview of both Git and GitHub. Perfect for someone with little to no first-hand experience with either.
  • Structuring and Organizing HTML5 Forms: Learn some of the latest standards and thinking around coding HTML forms using the new HTML5 tags and attributes.

All Gymnasium courses from the last two years has been migrated over, including super popular ones such as:

Check out whole catalog, there’s bound to be something that interests you!

Once again, all courses are free. As in no cost, ever.

If you’re looking for a course they haven’t covered yet, their ears are wide open: @GymnasiumTweets

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