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Mobile Timecards? You Betcha.


Yes, the time(cards) are a changin’

As of today, we are officially the first talent agency (as far as we’ve been able to discover) to offer mobile timecard entry to our freelance talent!

Our development team has been feverishly working to upgrade our popular Heads Up app and, lo and behold, the most-requested improvement has been implemented: mobile timecards!

Now everyone on assignment through Aquent | Vitamin T can fill out and submit timecards using their iPhone, iPad or Android-powered devices. We aim to please.

Pretty cool, eh?

We believe that to be the top digital creative talent agency, you better drink your own Kool-Aid (well, as long as it's just Kool-Aid), and practice what you preach. Turns out, technology really does make things better.

If you’re a Vitamin T | Aquent talent and you’ve used the app, please let us know what you think! We’re always looking to improve what we do.

If you’re not a Vitamin T talent and want to be (come on, we have MOBILE timecards), just choose an agent in your location and get connected.

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