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Meet the Recipients of our $5,000 Grants!


Amazing designers from all over the country (the world, actually) entered Aquent’s Design for Good to show us how they’d use a $5000 grant to elevate and expand their favorite nonprofit or charity through design.

From Animal Adoption to Yoga for Inmates, the video submissions poured in, running the length of the alphabet.

Which, of course, made the final decisions by our judges pretty difficult.

But after weighing them all based on impact, creativity and feasibility, our esteemed judges narrowed it down to five people.

So, without much further ado, meet each of our grant recipients! Their submission videos explain how he or she will use design to help elevate a charity in need.

Ruchit Nagar for Khushi Baby, which has built a mobile platform for international healthcare workers that tracks vaccine administration. With his grant, he’ll improve the UX of the app and help the organization to connect with supporters for more effective fundraising. 

Micah Bazant for the New American Story Project, which supports unaccompanied minors who have immigrated to the US. He’ll put his design skills to work creating signs, banners, and workbooks to advocate for immigrants’ rights.

Shelby Marshall for Understanding Our Differences, a leader in disability awareness education for schools. He’ll help them create web pages and a video to attract fundraisers for the new online version of their curriculum.

Melissa Eggleston
for the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which supports and provides resources for domestic violence survivors. Melissa will help the organization update their website, making it more user-friendly and less triggering for survivors. Then, she’ll create educational materials to help other agencies do the same.

Kathryn D’Introno
for Give a Beat, which educates and engages youths through dance music. She’ll use her funding to mentor youth in graphic design, helping them create posters in support of their favorite DJs.

We’re so excited to share these amazing projects with you.

If you’d like to keep up on their progression, please sign up on the Design for Good site and we’ll give you a holler when we’ve got news.

And to all the creative people who applied for grants and are so involved with giving back to their communities, THANK YOU!

Stay tuned....

Because we’ll be doing this again!

Just sign up and we’ll let you know the next time we roll out Design For Good grants.

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