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Meet Our 2020 Designing for Good Winners

Heart with Winners Announced! for 2020 Designing for Good

Hear that drumroll? We’re about to announce our 2020 Designing for Good winners! In its fourth year now, the contest is a chance for creative and marketing professionals to help a nonprofit using their skills and earn a $10K grant from us. We doubled last year’s prize money for maximum impact on these fantastic organizations.

Our panel poured over pitches from hundreds of applicants and managed to whittle them down to these three lucky winners!

Giving 100% for the Other 20%

Designer Amanda Robertson plans to put her pixel power to use for the Hill Learning Center, dedicated to helping the 20% of students who have learning differences, and therefore may not excel in a traditionally taught classroom. 

Amanda’s pitch was to help the Hill Reading Achievement Program (HillRAP), a reading program that provides individualized instruction for kids with dyslexia, ADHD, or other learning disabilities. While currently an in-person workshop, Amanda will use her media design and tech know-how to turn it into an innovative online experience. 

Without geography as a barrier, more teachers can be trained, more students can participate and more data can be collected—all for less cost to both Hill and the attendees who won’t have to pay for travel, lodging, and workshop expenses.

A Film With a Happy Ending

Chris Lyon will be utilizing his skills to help the Louisiana Film Prize and their Film Prize Jr. competition for high school students. The contest celebrates short films shot in the Northwest Louisiana area and prizes include college scholarships or grants to their school’s art department. 

Because movie production has “gone dark” due to COVID-19 this year, Chris will create three virtual workshops to teach kids Scorcese-like skills that may help them win.

His workshops will cover everything from production and filming to editing and delivery, with a side of team building, resource management, and planning. These virtual workshops will enable the Louisiana Film Prize to reach a far greater audience than their in-person ones. 

And to boot, Chris will design the materials to market the contest. Aaaand scene!


Making Housing a Home

Sanctuary Palm Springs is an LGBTQ+ transitional housing program for 18- to 21-year-olds who are transitioning out of foster care, and Ellen Wolf is excited to help use the grant money to help open their second location. She’ll create a marketing plan and materials to attract the vendors, suppliers, volunteers, and donors needed to renovate this new residence.

The residents themselves will be central to decisions about floor plans, color schemes, and furniture—often a unique experience because many never had a home of their own. 

Ellen’s design and marketing plan can live on as Sanctuary Palm Springs expands to additional locations as well.

Congratulations to Amanda, Chris and Ellen, and THANK YOU to all the talented people who participated this year. Plus our amazing panel of judges, Marianne Dear, Hal Apple, Rick Byrne, and Jason Pamental. They reviewed submissions for creativity, feasibility, and the potential to make the strongest impact for good. They had a very difficult job of choosing just three winners! 

We look forward to seeing how Hill Learning Center, the Louisiana Film Prize, and Sanctuary Palm Springs benefit from these grants.

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