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Marketing and Creative Executives Told Us What Takes a Company From Good to Great


We recently teamed up with Econsultancy to pick the brains of 322 top creative and marketing leaders at companies with $250M+ in annual revenue. Here’s a sneak peek of our findings, which focus on the accelerated need for digital strategy and the talent to support it. 

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Digital Becomes Do or Die

For months now as many offices were temporarily shuttered and employees forced to be fully remote, companies have had to rethink success. While Forbes estimates that 70% of companies already had a digital transformation in the works, the pandemic definitely sped things up. Enterprise cloud company Box CEO Aaron Levie puts it this way, “The industries that have resisted going digital—healthcare, banking, legal, retail, government—will do so faster this year than in the last decade combined.”


CX to the Nth Degree

We saw this transformation as doctors’ offices became virtual, retailers jumped to online fulfillment, and restaurants became takeout experts, partnering with food delivery services. Across all industries, companies need to evolve for all these new digital customers. In fact, 81% of the most senior executives we surveyed bank on customer experience for overall company growth. Veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur Richard Yanowitch says, “In the worst of times, companies become transactional. The best brands, however, remain relational; they build customer relationships for the long haul—where the greatest lifetime value resides.”


Talent Equals Success

One thing that’s clear from our report, is that having the right talent is nonnegotiable when it comes to a business’s success. The most obvious are the CX roles as they are the face of the company in this digital transformation. Just as important are the UX, service design, and brand and digital marketing folks. These high-growth roles are also major in how customers interact with an organization. The executives we talked to say filling these roles is challenging and they are seeking solutions.


Culture Matters

What can help companies snag (and keep) the right talent, then? Culture has always been a biggie and it’s gotten bigger lately. The reason, according to Ph.D. sociologist Tracy Brower is that “the decisions your company has made—and will continue to make in the coming weeks and months—are a window into your culture. They send strong messages about your character, they attract employees and customers and they are irreplicable for competitors.” Check out our report where we dig into what constitutes a positive culture.

Pretty meaty stuff, right? And there’s much more to digest. Find out everything we learned from our 300+ executives—request a copy of the report today!

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