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Making the most of your freelance writing talent


A woman I met at a BBQ last weekend confidently told me “You’re so funny. You should write a TV series”. I was flattered, but much to my chagrin, I know I’m never going to write the next HBO hit.

I do, however, have a knack for marketing all kinds of things. I know how to write copy for the bland (records management), the beautiful (luxury homes), and the downright odd (dating sites…just too creeped out to write about this again!)

So when you bring in a freelancer to write web copy or crank out that next white paper, what’s the best way to get them up to speed? Here are five tips to get your new writer off to a running start:

  1. Share examples of writing that you like, and ones you don’t. One of the toughest things for a new writer is capturing the authentic “voice” of the client. Show them examples of copy that reflects the tone you’re going for.
  2. Don’t hold back. People often worry about sharing honest feedback with writers. It’s ok, really! We’re professionals, and it’s our job to make sure our clients are really happy. Be up front about how well your writer is matching up with your needs and you’ll yield better results.
  3. Tell them about your idiosyncrasies. Many companies have little stylistic differences that are a bit unconventional. Share your style guide or other tips with your freelance writer to ensure they’re writing in a style consistent with your existing content.
  4. Connect them with subject matter experts. Introduce your new freelancer to people in the company who’ll enthusiastically share your value proposition, highlight differentiators, and answer marketing questions.
  5. Ask their opinions. We writers are often an introverted bunch, but having been immersed in marketing departments over the years, we often have great ideas percolating behind our quiet exteriors!

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