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Making Mobile First? Get Tips from the Master

Source: Jeffrey Zeldman

Mobile First can be difficult. Take it from us.

In order to make the most compelling argument for Mobile First, we created and launched the very first mobile infographic. Sure it’s fun, is full of great stats, and was genuinely created for the mobile platform FIRST, but getting there was a long and winding road (as the Beatles might say).

Was it worth it? Yes.

Should you study up before you go there? Totally.

Our advice? Take to heart any advice you can from the master of mobile Luke Wroblewski. There’s plenty to be had. After all, he has a blog, books, and speaks at all the An Event Apart conferences on the topic.

If you need a primer, there’s no better place to look than Mashable’s conversation with him on the 5 Pillars of Successful Mobile Design, which includes these takeaways:

  1. Perception is not reality.
  2. Postpone signup to improve engagement.
  3. The mobile canvas comes first.
  4. Enforce constraints.
  5. Respect the importance of taps.

If you’re hungry for more advice from Luke (and not ready to jump into all that reading), we’ve got a short primer video to show you the importance of multi-device web design.

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