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Live Event: Keeping Up with JavaScript


Do you find yourself getting lost at the intersection of Angular and React? Befuddled by seemingly magical ES6 syntax updates? Simply staring at your screen, afraid to press any key?

Then you, my friend, need to join us for our next live event: Keeping Up with JavaScript is a Full-time Job.

Hosted by Aquent Gymnasium, special guests Kevin Chisholm and Keith Peters will discuss the challenges of keeping up with today’s ever-changing JavaScript landscape, when learning becomes a full-time job, and how to manage learning while having a full-time job.

It sounds exhausting, but we promise they’ll go easy on you. 

You can even watch while you’re eating lunch.

Register for the live event on 3/22/17 at 2pm EDT
Update: Watch the recorded session here!

About the speakers:

Kevin Chisholm is a freelance front-end web developer who specializes in object-oriented JavaScript and AngularJS. He has consulted and worked on websites for a number of notable companies including Consumer Reports, Time, People, Sports Illustrated, Travel and Leisure,, TDAmeritrade, and many others. Kevin is the instructor of the upcoming Gymnasium course JavaScript and jQuery Survival Guide.

Keith Peters is a developer and the author of Playing with Chaos: Programming Fractals and Strange Attractors in JavaScript and Actionscript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move. He is also co-author of “HTML5 Animation with JavaScript” and the “Actionscript 3.0 Cookbook”. Keith is the instructor of the Gymnasium course JavaScript Foundations.

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