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[WEBINAR] Design Systems and Creativity: Unlikely Allies


Yep, we know… Design systems and creativity aren’t typically found in the same sentence, but trust us — there’s something going on there.

Join the folks at Gymnasium (our free online learning platform) at this enlightening webinar featuring Brad Frost of Atomic Design and GitHub’s Sophie Shepherd.

They’ll be taking a close look at the relationship between design systems and creativity, addressing everything from usability and efficiency to flexibility and innovation.

Register for the live event on 7/17/17 at 2pm EDT
Don't worry, you didn't miss it! Watch the recorded webinar right here!

Need to know a bit more about the speakers?

Brad Frost

Brad is a web designer, speaker, writer, and consultant located in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. He is the author of the book Atomic Design, which introduces a methodology to create and maintain effective design systems. In addition to co-hosting the Style Guides Podcast, he has also helped create several tools and resources for web designers, including Pattern Lab,, Style Guide Guide, This Is Responsive, and WTF Mobile Web.

Sophie Shepherd

Sophie is a design manager at GitHub. She works on both the web team and the design systems team, at the intersection of brand, marketing, and CSS. Prior to this, she was a Senior Designer at Ushahidi, an open-source, non-profit software company and Happy Cog, a client-services agency.

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