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Lessons from Solving 50 Design Problems in 50 Days

A the ripe young age of 15, Peter Smart put on a suit, went into town to find some clients, and started his own design business.

Now an award-winning UX designer, author, and speaker who works with international brands, he’s most famous for having traveled two and a half thousand miles around Europe trying to solve 50 Problems in 50 Days using design.

He shared his experience at this year’s Awwwards #LoveDays Conference and tells what the challenge taught him about the importance of taking risks.

“Never shy away from big challenges. Sometimes, we're presented with briefs that seem unmanageably difficult. Sometimes, we have an idea that seems impossible to execute. And sometimes, we feel thrown in the deep end, out of our comfort zones, and completely under qualified to even offer an opinion.

"Relish those moments. I can't tell you enough. Relish those moments. Never shy away from them. It's only by taking risks that we can truly put ourselves to the test and discover what we're really made of.”

Check out the whole amazing talk. You won’t regret it!

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