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Learn UX Fundamentals for Free!


Our latest Aquent Gymnasium course, UX Fundamentals is here!

Whether you’ve been dying to begin your User Experience education or merely want to sound like a genius at the next cocktail party (and we’re not saying you can’t do both), you’ve got to check out our latest course.

By the end, look how much you’ll know how to do!

  • Conduct basic user research and create user personas
  • Organize a site’s content that meets user expectations
  • Facilitate a positive user experience
  • Conduct user testing

Plus you’ll learn approaches to information design, wireframing, and prototyping.

And yes, of course it’s free and online.

Need you ask?

Taught by Jim Webb, who has more more than 1,800 hours of classroom experience teaching HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP/MySQL, and WordPress (not to mention running web workshops for companies like HP, The Washington Post, The Newseum, and National Public Radio), it’s certain to be a very popular course.

So don’t delay, register now!

Because you shouldn’t wait to start on the next step of your career, should you? (You might forget when something good comes on Netflix.)

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