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Learn Chrome Developer Tools for Free


Want to build better websites in less time?

You don’t have to answer that question, since it’s kind of rhetorical.

But in case you answered yes, our team over at Aquent Gymnasium has just the course for you: Build Better Websites with Chrome Developer Tools.

In less time than it takes you to choose a movie on your favorite streaming platform*, author and developer extraordinaire Keith Peters (the guy who wrote “HTML5 Animation with Javascript” and the “Actionscript 3.0 Cookbook”) will have you inspecting and modifying HTML and CSS, debugging and executing JavaScript in the console, and so much more—all in the browser!

Is it good? Heck yeah. It scored a whopping 96% on the Tomatometer! (Well, it would have, if Rotten Tomatoes rated online learning.)

Best of all, just like all the courses offered by Gymnasium, it’s offered at absolutely no charge and is spectacularly free from annoying pop up ads.

You read the blog post, so it’s probably a good time to hop on over and register!

* Your experience choosing movies may vary. The course comes in at a little over an hour.

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