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Learn all the Latest Marketing Buzzwords [VIDEO]


Our "Buzzword Alert!" video series and "Buzzword Barometer" infographic promise to break down marketing's most popular buzzwords.

They'll also leave you wondering why a raccoon is in charge of the marketing department.

Buzzword #1 - Attribution Modeling

Attribution modeling is the process of analyzing how various combinations of media and messaging influence buyer behavior and business results. The goal is to isolate which marketing tactics are working and which may be underperforming.

Buzzword #2 - Omni Channel Marketing

So what is omni channel marketing? It’s a strategy that approaches your various channels as one broad delivery mechanism. From your website to social, email to live chat, in-app to in-store, the goal of omnichannel marketing is to create a truly seamless experience across devices and platforms.

Buzzword #3 - Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a marketing discipline that programmatically choreographs the delivery of personalized messages to drive engagement and conversion.

Buzzword #4 - Long Tail Keywords

Instead of shorter search phrases consisting of one or two words, long tail keywords are more specific phrases consisting of three or more words.

Buzzword #5 - Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a marketing initiative that draws customers toward a brand, generating leads and interest.

Buzzword #6 - Retargeting

Retargeting is an advertising tactic that keeps track of visitors to your site and displays your ads to them when they visit other sites online.

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