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Learn 3D Modeling for VR Production for Free


One and a half hours.

That’s all the time you need to learn the basics of 3D modeling and how to create, render, and export video content for VR platforms including Google Cardboard, YouTube, and more.

We’re pretty sure you’ve been in longer meetings (and have gotten significantly less accomplished). What have you got to lose?

So, grab a comfortable chair and check out the free Aquent Gymnasium class 3D Modeling For Virtual Reality Creation.

The co-director of the virtual reality program for The New York Times (and 5-time Emmy Award nominee) Graham Roberts will walk you through navigating Maya’s interface and how to use the core modeling, animation, and rendering tools to build a 3D-animated model.

If you’ve ever been interested in 3D modeling, now is the time to head on over and register.

Did we mention it’s FREE? (We probably did.)

You’ll have enough money leftover to buy everyone Google Cardboard this holiday season.

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