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Kicking It @ SXSW Interactive!


(Check out the custom SXSW Converse kicks!!)

It’s been a busy weekend for the Vitamin T crew and the 20,000+ SWSW-goers in Austin. (Or well over 20,000; SXSW will not release official numbers on attendance until the event ends.)

It’s Day 4 and the fun, learning, and parties aren’t flagging, nor, it seems are the attendees. Well, at least none that came to our party last night high atop our Austin office.

Our best guess is that there are going to be a lot of tired people returning to work later this week.

There’s still time, of course, to follow all our ground crew on our super special SXSW Twitter list, and if you’re in Austin, you can actually follow them around in person, at booth #722 (if you follow them around long enough, they’re sure to give you some swag).

If you’re still planning your days at the event, has a great unofficial conference guide, with the 1,715 sessions divided into different categories like startups, social media, party, lounge, mentoring, brands, design, games, etc. You can also look at the bios of the 2,846 speakers. (Though, if you take the time to look at all of them, the conference will probably be over.) If you’re staying in town, they also have unofficial conference guide to SXSW film as well.

Let the good times roll!

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