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Jump Start Your Job Search in the New Year


As we head into the brand new year, there are probably many things on your to-do list to accomplish. If one of them is landing a new job, we’ve got some advice to help supercharge your search.  

But, before we begin, you need to ask yourself a rather difficult question: Why do you want to leave your current job? Is it because there isn’t enough growth opportunity? Or that you want to break into a new industry? Or because the company culture just isn’t a fit?

Whatever your reason for wanting to leave, take a moment (or two) to pause, evaluate, and reflect. Many times we run through life without stepping back and looking at things from a broader perspective. If you take time to truly reflect on not only your career, but also your personal aspirations, it will help you dive into what truly motivates you.

Now that you’ve done a bit of soul searching, here’s what you came for: a few tips to help jump start your job search and get a new job for the new year!

Revamp Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand can include your social media profiles, your résumé, cover letter, portfolio, etc. Essentially everything that sums you up as a professional. If you feel that your personal brand is a bit rusty and could use a tuneup, now’s the time to do it! Take a look at all the pieces from a high level perspective and ask yourself, “How do I want to represent myself to potential employers?” The answer will determine how you can tailor your brand to target your career goals. Are you unsure how your résumé compares to others in the industry? We’ve got you covered. Ensuring that your résumé, blog, LinkedIn profile, portfolio, etc. are fresh and new can really make a difference when spearheading your search. Having a clear and concise story is key!

Pick Up Volunteer Work For Purposeful Networking

You may be surprised at how volunteering can open up the door to so many opportunities in your career. The fact is, when you volunteer, you never quite know who you are going to meet! Whether that’s volunteering for an animal shelter or a professional organization in your industry, volunteering can offer some really great networking opportunities while making you feel good about giving back to your community. is a great place to start to find organizations in your area with opportunities for you.

Connect With Recruiters For An Additional Set Of Eyes And Ears

You don’t have to feel like you’re on your own when you’re searching for a new job. That’s where recruiters come in! Their job is to understand your job aspirations and help you find opportunities that align with your professional goals. They are an excellent resource to go to when you need some coaching on your personal brand and job searching in general.

If you’re wondering how to best connect with recruiters, try narrowing it down to a couple individual recruiters or staffing agencies that align well with your goals and industry, then create a tailored message to describe specifically how they can help you. In other words, don’t just say “I need a job”, but rather, “I am interested in a role in x industry for x types of companies and would love to get your help on how I can make myself more marketable.”

These tips are not the end-all-be-all for jump starting your search, but they will help you get an idea of a good place to start. Knowing what you are trying to achieve and creating attainable goals in your search are crucial to streamlining the process. And the most important thing to remember, be sure tell yourself “You’ve got this!”

What are some ways you’ve been able to get a good start on your job search? Tell us in the comments below!

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