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It’s Raining Admen (Adweek Brainstorm!)


If you’re a subscriber to the printed version of Adweek living in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco or Chicago, then you were lucky enough to get a nifty poster included with your May 28 edition, sponsored by yours truly.

These incredible photos, taken during NYC’s Creative Week, were captured in an impromptu photoshoot and featured in the May 14 issue on a lovely 6-page spread. The folks at Adweek invited a “a steady parade of thinkers and doers” up to their studio then had them quickly do a pose with one of their prop umbrellas.

Called Brainstorm!, the results are fabulous. (And only one is semi-NSFW. That shows a massive amount of restraint, when you think about it.)

Here’s just a few of the amazing creative folks featured:

So grab your umbrella and enjoy the poster!

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