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Introducing Seattle! It’s Metronatural.

Source: Bryce Edwards

The Convention & Visitors Bureau describes Seattle as two cities in one: “Here you’ll find a vibrant, sophisticated metropolis surrounded by pristine natural beauty and abundant recreation.” So what attracts interactive talent to this fair city? We grabbed a few minutes with our talented agent Angie Harpole, who introduced us to the Emerald City (so named for its lush evergreen forests).

Vitamin T: What do you love most about Seattle?

Angie: I’m from Portland, which is a pretty dang cool place. Seattle is a lot like that, but a little bigger. Seattle has the ocean (Puget Sound) right there, big ships sailing by, and on clear days, you get impressive views of volcanoes and mountain ranges. Seattle people, in general, are very active. It’s one of the top cities for bike commuting, and we take full advantage of the wide bike lanes and well-marked streets. It’s also a very casual city. Usually people wearing suits are well, not your creative types.

It’s down-to-earth and progressive here. People like to talk about their urban chicken farms, and how they tame their blackberry bush overgrowth with rent-a-ruminant (goats – yes, just this week I saw someone walking a goat with a harness tending to the median overgrowth in the Fremont neighborhood.)

Seattle also has an amazing food and beverage culture. Foodies, connoisseurs, and hedonists revel in the many hot spots with fantastic local and fusion food, 150 brews on tap, as well as a variety of fantastic Pacific Northwest wines.

Vitamin T: Why is it a great place for interactive talent?

Angie: Seattle is creative and fantastic for interactive because big corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks are based here and entice high-caliber talent easily. Then smaller companies and agencies crop up to support these huge industries and draw in even more creative talent. There are tons of opportunities.

You can work just down the street from your home and walk or bike to work. On your lunch break you can take a walk around the Burke Gilman Trail, meet your friends after work for drinks overlooking Elliott Bay (fresh, local wildcaught king salmon or dungeness crab from just up the Puget Sound), and then all play with your fur babies at one of a dozen dog parks on each city block.

Vitamin T: What are some little-known hot industries for interactive talent in Seattle? 

Angie: Interactive agencies and commercial photo licensing are hot areas here in Seattle. We have both Getty and Corbis here, and Corbis just struck a deal with the Associated Press.

Vitamin T: What are the hottest interactive jobs right now in Seattle? 

Angie: UX, UX, and UX!

Vitamin T: What advice would you have for talent moving to Seattle?

Angie: Take a ferry ride. We call it the “Poor Person’s Cruise.” It’s a fantastic way to get out of the city and soak up views of Mt. Rainier, the Olympics, watch Blue Heron flying overhead, and occasionally get a glimpse of a seal or even an orca!

Vitamin T: What are some great networking orgs to connect with? 


A few I’d start with are:

Vitamin T: Who are some of the hottest ad agencies there?


Vitamin T: What's one odd factoid you can share about the city that newcomers wouldn't know?

Angie: We have octopuses lurking in our waters weighing upwards of 160 pounds! Moby Dick is a famous one residing at the Seattle Aquarium who ate a shark a few years ago. 

Are you considering living and working in Seattle? Check in with our local office. They’d be glad to help!

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