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Q: “Tell me about the boss, manager, or employer who has gotten the best work from you.”

This is a great way to get a candidate to ACTUALLY tell you what their ideal culture is.

If you ask a question such as, “Do you work better independently or in teams," they’re more tempted to give as inclusive an answer as possible to not rule themselves out. By asking them to describe a specific situation where they were most successful, you're able to put those things together and assess what types of cultures, work preferences, and management style would be best for the talent to thrive in.

The answer you want to hear is something like, "My best manager was really solution-focused, so he set an environment where I wanted to go to him when things weren't working well. He was very open, and it was an environment where failure was not penalized." An answer like this tells me that a more casual environment, collaborative, easy working style is important to the candidate and no micro managing.

What you don’t want to hear: "I've had really horrible bosses. I think they all get good work from me, even when they don't deserve it."

   Marti Williamson


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