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If You’re Not Talking to Talent for Future Roles, Your Competition Is


Even when the world is topsy-turvy, the best companies still make a straight shot for the best talent. And if you want to hook those crazy talented folks before someone else does, you need to know what’s on their minds. Enter our 2020 Talent Insights Report. Download a copy now to access the latest salaries and find out what’s important right now to more than 2,000 marketing and creative professionals. 

One nugget that we’re diving into is why just 11% of the people we talked to were contacted about future opportunities and how you can build a talent pipeline so you’re prepared for whatever 2021 might bring. (It can’t get any less predictable than 2020.)

Don’t Hire Reactively

While it’s hard to imagine life before the pandemic, and maybe even harder to imagine life after it, it will happen eventually. And when your business is firing on all four cylinders again, you want to be ready. In other words, be proactive and not reactive. 

As Adam Robinson, CEO and founder of Hireology, says, “Most companies only open a job when a sudden need arises: an employee quits or is let go or is out on medical leave.” But he says if you open the job searches early, before you may even be able to hire, you can build a network of quality candidates. So when the company is ready, you’re ready too. 

Ensure Your Brand Image Is Up to Snuff

Another thing to do as you’re building up your pipeline is to take a long hard look in the mirror. Is your company a place top talent want to call home? 

With the murder of George Floyd and subsequent protests against police brutality and racial injustice on top of a global pandemic and a presidential election year, brands had to figure out how and where to weigh in. And potential candidates will look to that image as part of their criteria for accepting a job or not.

As Chief Strategy Officer Craig Mawdsley puts it, “as long as you’re thinking like an empathetic human being, you can’t go wrong. Don’t be self-serving; don’t be cynical; don’t talk like an organization. Do the right thing, and keep doing it when the coronavirus situation ends.”

Value Potential Over Credentials  

In a recent global survey of over 1,000 business leaders, Harvard Business Review discovered that those who are good at staffing their talent pipelines have something in common: they think beyond the typical places to recruit, like Ivy League schools or their own competitors. 

Like these leaders, you might want to consider candidates you might not normally, like those with an associate’s degree or the ones who took time off to be a parent or join the military. Sometimes life experience can translate better than credentials. The idea being that the lifespan of a job-specific skill (e.g., programming language fluency) is relatively short, whereas being curious or adaptable is ongoing. In fact of those surveyed, 74% ranked teamwork as the most desirable skill. 

Think Borderless

The past several months have taught us so many things, but perhaps the most prominent professional lesson we’ve learned is that remote work works. Our Talent Insights Report finds that the desire to work remotely rose to 80% this year. And with working remotely comes freedom—from a commute, from paying for lunch out, from an often rigid schedule. 

A recent article says of the question of, Will you relocate? “On most talent plans around the world, it’s the biggest career-limiting question, as it’s restricted career advancement and company growth for decades.” Now, the point is moot. You can hire who you want, and they can work from wherever they want as long as they are connected. That is a total gamechanger and seems it’s here to stay

OK, More Hiring—And What Else? 

The lonely talent pipeline is just one of our major stories coming out of the 2020 Talent Insights Report. Dig into what’s most important to today’s top talent, from communication to compensation. And check out the latest salary data—spoiler!—women are still being paid much less than men. Get the scoop on all of it. Download your copy today!

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