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How to Quit a Job the Right Way


Congratulations, you’ve done it! Finally landed your dream job at an amazing company.

So much uncharted ground lies ahead: How does my team work together? What’s the workload? What’s my commute look like? And, most importantly: where’s the best places to get lunch?

But hold on a second there, tiger. Don’t forget that you haven’t left your old position quite yet.

Even if you’re already “so over” your current manager and/or company, you don’t want to undo all the hard work you’ve put into building your career by doing something you’ll regret. Say, like making a video telling your boss you quit, which goes viral.

Learn how to quit a job the right way by reading (and heeding) our list of things NOT to do before you box up your stuff and walk out the front door.


  1. Burn your bridges. Regardless of how you’re feeling right now, understand that your current boss or “terrifically annoying colleague” might end up being your new manager somewhere down the line. If you think that’s too far fetched, consider the Six Degrees of Separation rule: eventually one of your new managers will end up being connected to them. Play it smart and be as professional and courteous as you can during your exit.

  2. Give Notice, then Take Vacation. Some companies may dismiss you once you give notice, but others will need time to do a proper handover. You’ve made some good friends, don’t leave them cursing your name while you’re lying on the beach somewhere in the Bahamas.

  3. Be Unhelpful. Your boss and team will appreciate that you’ve made plans for your transition, especially if you work in a small department. See if you can help figure out who is best to handle certain projects and make sure you write down any tasks and procedures (reports, etc.) that only you know how to do. Making life easier for your team during/after your transition isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a great way to get stellar LinkedIn recommendations.

  4. Be Negative During Your Exit Interview. When asked about your tenure, try to focus on the opportunities of your new job instead of what’s wrong with your current one. If want to air your personal grievances, save it for when you’re out with friends.

  5. Tell the Office, then Your Boss. If you work in an agency environment, your boss may want to tell the clients before they find out through the grapevine. Talking about your plans with your peers could actually harm business. Non-agency companies may want to fill your role by promoting someone internally, so confidentiality is important. Either way, there will be plenty of time to talk around the water cooler once it’s public knowledge.

  6. Take the Company Files off the Computer. We shouldn’t have to mention this, right? But we thought we should. Don’t do it unless you’d like to spend days on the phone with the law offices of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe. On the other hand, be sure to copy/upload whatever personal files you have on your computer (and your company phone, if you have one) before you leave. A wiped hard drive is forever.

Any tips to add?

Let us know in comments!

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