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How to Nail Your Next UX Interview


What a great week for interview tips.

First Aimee Bateman gave us her One Mile Rule, and now Patrick Neeman at the Usability Counts blog (he’s also director of product design at Apptio as well the guy who runs the UX Drinking Game) has some sage advice for really nailing your next UX interview.

Patrick’s post grew out of his talks at The Seattle UX Meetup group, when he was reminded that during UX interviews “most companies don’t understand how to interview."

So he outlines how designers can use it to their advantage to demonstrate how they can help alleviate headaches and grow the company or agency’s bottom line.

But then again, that’s what UX is all about, right?

Here’s his top 5 points:

  1. Research The Company And The Team
  2. Bring An iPad Or Paper Documentation
  3. Get In Front Of A Whiteboard
  4. Have Your Stories Down
  5. Engage With The Interviewer

Of course, you’ll have to read his whole post for all his useful info, but we thought we’d get your started.

Looking for more interviewing advice? We’ve got you covered!

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