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How to Make Your Website Work Harder with Big Data

Long gone are the days when you would create a website and then leave it to do its job. Nowadays, we are constantly having to test, track and make modifications to keep it competitive and on target.

Chris Gobby is Director of Big Data at Alvarez and Marsal Corporate Solutions

and has worked on brands such as Orange and EE. He uses data to understand customer behaviour to allow companies to enhance their business performance.

Listen to our interview with him and he’ll tell you why, when it comes to Big Data:

  • Experimentation is key

  • You might want to start small

  • It’s most effective when used with market research

  • You need to appoint someone to ensure quality data

  • To always market to individuals, not to big groups

Have any tips or examples of how you have used data analysis to help your business?

Let us know in the comments!

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