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How To Keep Up To Date On UX Design

Source: Bruno Oyama

There’s a virtual ton of information about UX Design out there on the webs. But as with any info to be found on the Internet, not all of it is necessarily reliable. (Sorry, if that’s news to anybody.)

Which is why we always try point you to steadfast sources such as Jared Spool or Luke Wroblewski. Still, we realize you may be hungering for more.

If you’ve got some vacation time coming up and sitting next to Uncle Morty on the sofa at your parents’ house isn’t your idea of a fun night in, just pop open your laptop and check out this great list of UX links, tools, and events compiled by Fabricio Teixeira and Caio Braga.

Beautifully illustrated by Bruno Oyama, it’s the perfect place to start your 2014 UX education—whether you’re looking to become a UX designer or just learn more about the discipline.

(And, of course, if you have any other UX resources you would like to pass along, let everyone know in the comments section.)

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