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How to Help Your Parents Understand UI and UX

Thought we’d post this on the heels of spending a lot (too much? Nah, not too much...) time with our families.

Bassett & Partners created this great 18-minute video showing how UX and UI design is a part of the objects we use every day - phones, games, Facebook, etc. -  and how it’s poised to change the world we live in the coming years.

(That came out sounding scarier than it is. Don’t show you parents that part.)

There’s some really thoughtful interviews with some of the top players in the community:

As well as some nicely-done graphics to show how interactivity could look in our lives in as few as 5 years.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Some pretty lively discussions are already happening both at Vimeo as well as the IXDA national site. The filmmakers themselves are even weighing in on comments, so check it out!

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