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How to Get Your Career Unstuck

Source: William James @ Toronto History

In yesterday’s post we shared Peter Smart’s #LoveDays talk on the lessons he learned when he tried to Solve 50 Design Problems in 50 Days. His main piece of advice to the designers and developers in the audience?

Always take risks.

Fortunately risk taking isn’t something relegated to the world of creativity, it’s also happens to be a smart thing to do when you’re looking to do something new in your career.

Inc. Magazine recently interviewed author and career coach Kathleen Brady and came up with a quick and handy primer on jump starting your business brain: 6 Tricks for Getting Past a Plateau.

(We think all of these could be just as easily be adapted to a development project or creative piece, as they could your next career choice.)

  1. Ask "how?" Or better yet, “How can I?”
  2. Don't expect the past to repeat itself. What can you do differently this time in order to have a different outcome?'
  3. Question all "shoulds." Ask yourself if a task is truly necessary or just something you think you "should" do.
  4. Be careful of your assumptions. We all know what happens when we “assume” something, right?
  5. Inquire, don't interpret. Follow up to get answers instead of jumping to conclusions.
  6. Own your choices. Ask yourself what you are willing to do to make something happen.

Be sure to read the entire article and let us know if they helped you in your next step up!

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