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How to Get the Most out of Mobile

One of the killer presentations given during the An Event Apart shows last year was Luke Wroblewski’s “Mobile to the Future.”

Heck, any presentation whose second slide illustrates that there are more iPhones being activated every day than there are babies being born has got to be good, right?

Luke’s given this talk in Portugal, Norway, Japan, and even, if you can believe it, Menlo Park — and now he’s ready to give it again right where you’re sitting. Well, provided you’re sitting somewhere comfortable (it’s an hour and twenty minutes). If you aren’t sitting comfortable, do so, and get out a pen.

As former Chief Design Architect at Yahoo! and cofounder of Bagcheck, he’ll give you an in-depth look at how to adapt existing desktop design solutions for mobile devices and how to use mobile to expand what’s possible across all devices.

And ZAM, just like that, you’ll be ready for the future.

If you’re no good at taking notes, don’t worry, Jeffrey Zeldman tooks some pretty good ones that he’s willing to share.

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