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How to Get the Design Career You Want

How to Get the ...
Source: extranoise

Our friend Rick Byrne recently wrote this great post on the Lifecycle of Designers that’s a great read for anyone in the design field, from college students just dreaming of their design career to Art Directors well on their way to being Creative Director.

As a guy with 20+ years experience as a designer, art director, ACD (he headed up the creative work for all of the client-based advertising at CBS Interactive), Rick’s got a lot of relevant information on the topic, not to mention hilarious illustrations by Lunchbreath.

He’s got takeaways that every designer can use to help get to the next level:

  • Ask what your boss is thinking about and act accordingly
  • Start your hot rod project (you’ll have to read the post to see what this is)
  • Rise to the occasion when a challenge comes along
  • Always try to meet other creatives (they may recommend you for a job)
  • Go to design events to see what is going on in the industry

Give the whole post a read - your career will thank you for it!

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