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How to Get Started in the UX Field

People ask us this question all the time, which is why we were happy to sponsor Los Angeles User Experience Meetup’s panel so everyone could know, “How the heck do I get into UX?”

Check out VP / Experience Director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky Angel Anderson as she hosts this panel to answer the question:

  • Chris Chandler, Senior Director of UX, Fandango
  • Hannah Galloway, Manager, User Experience at Capital Group
  • Chris Morabito, Group Director, Experience Design at BLITZ Adjunct Faculty, MDP at Art Center College of Design
  • Skot Carruth, UX Design Instructor at General

If you liked this panel discussion, we recommend checking out a UX Meetup in your area lickety split.

Speaking of which, thanks as always to the folks at LA UX Meetup, Crystal Ehrlich, Jason Gillard, and Noel Saw for letting us take part in the conversation!

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