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How to Get Client Buy-In for Your Designs


When we asked Mike Reid, previously Head of Design at Havas Digital, for the most important piece of advice he’s been given during his design career, he shared with us his idea of ‘Design Thinking’.

We liked his answer so much, we’re sharing it here with YOU! So read on for more insight on how Design Thinking can help creatives think differently and make better choices as they approach new projects. There’s even a video below of Mike sharing his keen advice.

“‘Design Thinking’ is where, as you’re working, you think about the reason you’re doing everything. For example, why is this green?  Why have I used this font? What is this illustration for?

Think about the reasons for your choices, as you’re designing. Have a conversation in your head, so you are clear about the rationale and how you will explain your choices when you are presenting them.

Thinking about what you’re going to say about your creative work is really important, because you’re either working with small clients who are very passionate about their small brand, or massive global clients who have strict guidelines to adhere to. They all need this buy-in process. They will want to know why you have done things they way you have, and having clear reasons behind these decisions is key to getting clients on-board.

The brief helps to inform a lot of your design decisions, and some of it will be post-rationalised. You are still thinking creatively all the time, but having this process in your head whilst you are working, helps you to make better choices.”

If you want to hear more of Mike’s thoughts on design and creativity, watch his full interview here.

How do you get buy-in from clients in the design process?

Share with us any tips you have in the comments.

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