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How to Become a Front End Developer (Pt. 6)


Yohei Y.

Both a front AND back end developer, for our interview (the sixth in our series) we asked Yohei to concentrate on the front end side of the house so you can get some advice on becoming a superstar FED.

Currently a web developer at the Weather Network, Yohei was raised in Tokyo, but now resides and plays in Toronto where he lives by the motto, “Life is short. Be efficient.”

How did you start coding and what was the first language you learned?

My first language was HTML. I was a content editor and worked with developers who taught me how to code.

If someone wanted to learn to code, what would your one piece of advice be to get them started?

Find the right resource which suits your style. i.e. a book (as in made of paper), eBook, video tutorial, podcast or asking friends. etc. Then go!

How do you network/meet other developers?

I join meetup events, such as the  HTML5 Toronto Web Applications Developer Group and use social media to connect with people.

As a developer, what resource do you rely on the most to do your job?

I rely on Stack Overflow and my own private wiki.

How often do clients request or expect you to have design skills (and how do you feel about that?)

My clients don't ask me to design. My job title is Front End and Back End Developer and that is my focus.

Agency vs. corporate environment for development, what are the pros and cons?

I am currently working in a corporate environment. It has a well structured software development workflow. i.e. Agile/Scrum methodology with business, design, development and QA teams are all working together closely. Personally I think it's not about the agency or corporate. What's more important is what kind of skill set you want to master.

If the project has the technology that you want to learn, you will enjoy your work. As we all know, technology is always changing at rapid pace, no matter who you work for, learning never stops!

What do think the biggest front-end development trend will be in 2014?

Modular pattern JavaScript and front end framework such as BackboneJS and AngularJS.

What brands/companies are doing cool stuff right now from a front-end development perspective?, the JavaScript specialists company.

We wanted to thank Yohei, and ALL the front end developers who took part in our interviews, for their time and insight into the world of front end development.

As always, if you’re curious to know what a FED job description looks like, check our Quick Hire page.

And when you’re ready to get a front end development job, be sure to connect with a Vitamin T agent.

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