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How to Become a Content Writer

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As a specialist recruiter in the area of copywriting and content, I often get asked, “How do I become a content writer?” and “What do I need to to do to move my career into online?”

“Content” is currently a hot buzzword for copywriters, as well it should be. In the last 6 months I’ve seen a dramatic increase in content lead positions. Unfortunately, gaining experience in this area can be difficult, but as I’ll show you, not impossible. The challenge lies in appealing to a digitally savvy audience who sees the same content over and over again. The content needs to be effective and reach audiences across different platforms.

It should come as no surprise that the briefs I receive from clients often feature SEO and social media writing as components for their requests. The question is always, “How do I stand out?” and “How do I make my voice heard in a crowded online marketplace?”

One of our Vitamin T talent, Sheena I. recently made the transition from a traditional advertising copywriting career into content.

I picked her brain, so you don’t have to!

Why did you want to make the transition from copy to content?

Although I loved, and still love copy, I felt that I wanted to expand my skill set, plus I didn't just want to limit myself to copywriter roles only. I'm passionate about being creative and I love content creation and social media, so if I can do it all, then I should.

How did you make the leap?

I already had completed two social media internships, but I also am active on social media and I run my own blog. This allowed me to apply for social media roles. I think the real ‘leap’ was when I was working for a big brand as a copywriter. I wrote a post on the blog and assisted the social media manager for week. They could see my passion for social/content and asked if I would like to take over running their social channels. I jumped at the chance! I did this role for 6 months and this really helped my CV and broadened my skills and profile. From then I was able to apply for social/content roles.

What were the learnings from your experience?

To always aim to ‘wow’ your employers. Whether it’s a week booking or a perm role, it is important to always appear passionate and do over and above your role. Always take pride in your work and aim to impress the client.

What do you need to know when working a content role?

Any idea, whether it is a good or bad one, is a lesson. Never be afraid to try new ideas, step outside the box and to always take a creative approach to content. It must always be innovative and engaging!  
How do you measure success?

This is measured by the level of engagement (click throughs to the web site/products, the amount of products featured content sold, sharing content, comments, LIKES). Tools used: Google Analytics, Omniture, Hootsuite, Facebook and Twitter insights.

What advice would you give someone making this transition from copywriting to content?

Apply for content roles that are slightly junior or even intern to get some experience. It’s important to keep on top of industry news and follow brands that are great with content (good examples are ASOS or Mr Porter).

If you have any tips on making the move to content, let us know in comments!

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