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How to Avoid Creative Burnout [VIDEO]


Creating uninspired illustrations? Design mojo in the dumps?

Don’t despair!

From the woman who brought you the Daily Drop Cap, this AIGA lecture by letterer, illustrator, and type designer Jessica Hische is guaranteed to lift your design spirits.

It’s a bit like the Abstract series, but for design professionals. (We’re not sure how many people watching Netflix get jokes about foil stamping.)

Jessica’s lecture addresses the two questions she gets asked most often: “How do you avoid creative burnout?” and “What inspires you and how do you stay motivated?”

Her answers are both incredibly honest and hilarious: “You might hate your job 90% of the time, but there may be 10% of your job that is awesome. What can you do to get your boss to get that 10% to take up more of your day?”

In one hour she covers everything you need to get energized, from Procrastiworking (“Doing the work you feel like doing when putting off the work you don’t feel like doing”) to learning how to balance your Bruce Wayne and your Batman (balancing the work you love doing with the one that pays the bills).

Just a heads up, this avoiding creative burnout video is definitely NSFW. Heck a couple of the slides aren’t even SFW. So find a room and a good pair of headphones and get inspired!

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