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How Grant Skinner Stays Inspired (FITC Toronto 2011 Video)

“Just like agile programming, with creative stuff you want to share often and share early...get that criticism, get that embarrassment when it sucks. It really helps to keep you interested...”

- G. Skinner, FITC 2011

As you may (or may not) have heard, we sponsored this series of FITC Toronto videos from the 2011 show, and we’re going to keep on sharing as each goes live.

Fantastic for you! It’s a great opportunity to hear a leader in the interactive world like Grant Skinner give a talk on how he gets inspiration and inspires others.

If you enjoy this one, be sure to check out all our FITC videos. Stay tuned for more!

More about the presenter:
Grant Skinner is an internationally recognized leader in the field of rich interactive experiences. His body of work spans experimental interaction, applications, games, websites, installations, embedded devices, and mobile, with a recent focus on projects that span multiple environments.

While building into a leading interactive production shop, Grant has worked with a wide range of high calibre clients including AOL, BBC, Salesforce, Nissan, Adobe, GE, Atlantic Records, Comcast, EA, 

For more info:
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